Training Plan

Marathon Trg 2

Download the above file if you wish, which has an “intermediate plan” example and a newer (more intense) Hanson Bros marathon plan… There’s also tabs for the old beginner and advanced RW plans as well as a glossary tab.

16 week marathon plan I follow a sixteen week plan, based on the intermediate marathon prep plan I found in Runners World magazine. I built an excel spreadsheet to help me track the miles as well as how closely I was tracking to the “plan” (that’s the project manager influence). There’s a tab for each race that I am contemplating entering… each with a quick-glance chart to let me know how well it’s going. The whole plan requires about 500 miles in the 16 weeks.
The main change I have made is to replace the days marked as “Tempo Runs” with a series of “Yasso 800” repeat runs. They begin in week 4 with just one 1/2 mile sprint repeat and build up each week until I am capable of doing nine 1/2 mile repeats.The whole plan requires about 500 miles in the 16 weeks.
It’s been interesting to try and correlate the evntual race performance with the training profile I end up with on each tab. Although there are only 5 samples so far, it seems to be the case that those that have the more disciplined buildup (per-plan) result in good times. In addition, I can say that the “intangibles” – how I feel, how well I recover, etc – seem to be better also.

13 Responses to “Training Plan”

  1. Would you be willing to share the XLS file with some of your fellow runners? It looks like a powerful tool.

  2. Wow! Great plan. Where can I find the Runner’s World Intermediate plan? Thanks in advance. -Joe

    • Couldn’t find a copy of the actual RW plans on their website, but I stripped down my own excel sheet with the beginner, intermediate and advanced plans. It’s a clickable link on the top of the page. There’s also an example intermediate plan with figures for one of my runs.

      I also have tabs for the newer “Hanson’ plan. more intense Tues/Thurs with shorter Sunday runs…

      No need to enter all the dates, by the way. Just edit the blue “race day” cell with the correct race date and all the others are auto-updated for you.

      • Dear John- very impressive. I would love to use your “tool” but cannot find the excel link to it.
        Is there any change to let me know how I can get it and so that I can add my own details to it?!
        Thank you in advance

        Marianne ( a first timer from The Netherlands) ;)

  3. Thanks so much for detailed xls. Very helpful!

  4. Hi John,

    My name is Ivan From Bulgaria, 38 year old runner. I saw your training plan in XLS file on picture and I was impressed . Would you be willing to share the XLS file with me?

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards:


  5. Just what I was looking for. Thank you for sharing this and saving me from starting a spreadsheet from scratch!

  6. Using the plan for my next marathon. Thanks so much for sharing. What are the “inc 6y” comments?

  7. Hello John,

    My wife and are attempting to qualify for Boston this year. I would love to have access to your spreadsheet to help us out.

  8. Sir: I am running the Phoenix marathon next year. Your excel spreadsheet is awesome, might you be willing to share?

  9. Thanks for the spreadsheet! Saved me hours.

  10. Can you share your xls file with me, that looks really cool, thanks!

  11. Thanks for sharing.

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