Year in Review

2007 remembered…

Hey… be patient! We’re still in ’07…  Come back to this page in January :-)

That was 2006, that was…

I ran out the old year with a half marathon down in Olympia yesterday. It was a crisp, clear day at the Millersylvania State Park and another of Bob Green’s great race meets fired off at noon. He organizes a whole set (5k, 10k, 10mi, 1/2 marathon) and there’s a fun post race get-together at the campground kitchen. If you are a runner in the south sound area, make sure you check out the listings at the OnTheRunEvents website.

Found a cool running store here in Kent. Right downtown on 1st Avenue – The Balanced Athlete. The owner, Eric Sach, is a runner himself and does a great job with real customer service. Shoe fitting, running analysis, equipment/nutrition advice and a very welcoming running group 3 times a week.

I signed up for the 1/2 marathon. The first 4 miles were difficult as my legs ached from being on some steeply sloped roadside shoulder. After we rurned onto quieter, flatter roads for the rest of the outbound, I settled in and was able to up the pace, but the next guy in front was waaaayyyy up ahead. It took me almost 5 miles of the return leg to do it, but I managed to keep him in sight and “reel him in” – although at times I couldn’t see him in the distance as he was “camouflaged” in his dark grey running gear… It felt good to catch him with a miles to go. Not as good a run as the summer 1/2 at Black Diamond – about 4 minutes slower (1:43:58) but I’m happy with it as I head into the last 2 weeks before Houston.

Next big event ? Houston Marathon on the 14th… Shooting for 3:30:00 or less… Wish me luck.


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  1. Good luck on the 14th

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