About John

Tacoma 2005   Glasgow 1963

40-something Scottish guy transplanted to Wa state. Married a couple of times, & still learning to live with the baggage that always brings.

I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland with my parents and younger sister and brother. After completing school at King’s Park Secondary, I joined the Royal Air Force as an apprentice technician to work on communications and radar systems. Basic training at Swinderby in Lincolnshire was followed by 3 years of technical training (yes… 3 years) at Cosford in the midlands. Finally, in 1978, I got to work on real aircraft. Two tours on Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) types. The second half of my 22 years was spent on Airborne Early Warning (AEW) community, both aircraft technical and finally in software development.

Nimrod ASW aircraft

Retiring in 1997, I moved to WA and found a job with the Boeing Company… Still working in software, but manufacturing systems by this time. Over the last 8 years I have been able to gain experience in systems levels of thinking and engineering. The company has been great by sponsoring me on Software Architecture courses through the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University.

When I was 17 and in school, I was grabbed by old black and white movies… especially Psycho, Strangers on a Train and other film noir… ever since DVD came out, I have been finding those old movies again. Favorite ? hmmmmm…. The Third Man.

The Third Man

I run… a lot. It has become a goal to run a marathon in all 50 states. It might take me until I am 75, but I will give it a shot. Otherwise, you can find me working on the house or playing on my laptop. I have 4 wonderful kids. My daughter (the last one still in high school), one son just graduated (summer ’07… E. Canada) and the last two sons (22 yrs+… E. Canada and WA) are pretty much grown and finding their own successful paths.


8 Responses to “About John”

  1. John — Have you seen the movie “Laura?” It’s my favorite black and white film noir.

  2. 50 States!? FANTASTIC goal.
    Best B&W film is . . . Brief Encounter (if only for the “Theyah’s something in miay eaiye” line)

  3. Hey John- Just finished Ironman Canada. Had a great time! Missed qualifing for Hawaii by one spot. That was a bummer. Are you the one who organizes the Wednesday runs from the store??


  4. Really great blog. I hope to run a marathon in the spring.

  5. Hi John,
    Congrats on Denver! This is a great site! Found it b/c you had commented on a blog I used to keep. Hope you keep writing about running. I can relate. FYI, I just started a new blog about running, http://www.brooklynrunner.com.

  6. John! I couldn’t find your email address since I’m using my new laptop and didn’t copy all the address book from my PC (which is currently in my storage). Could you email me back? You should receive an email from WordPress.com on this comment with my email address on it.

    Thanks. Looking forward to hanging out with you in your home town for Capital City Marathon next month.

  7. My last name is Soos and I did a Google search which brought up your Soos Creek-Trail entry. It just so happens that I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. Just thought it was a tiny bit ironic. Happy running!

  8. I’m not sure if you’ll get this, since it looks like the blog hasn’t been updated for a couple of years, but I found you and just wanted to say thanks for pacing me in the La Crosse Fitness Festival races yesterday. It was fantastic to just stumble on such a great running partner mid-race – you got me through the tough miles and I finished in 1:49:16 – more than a minute off my previous PR and meeting my goal of getting under 1:50! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the race and your visit to La Crosse.

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