IRC Summer Series – race #3

The Interurban Runners Club here in the valley put on a short distance series every summer. The first two coincided with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (5k only) and the third runs this evening (5k and 8k options)… with a cool BBQ afterwards for everyone!

The series has been an interesting additional way to measure the benefits of my participation in the VO2 testing and training program. Between race 1 and 2, with the benefit of the various interval training/speedwork, I managed to slice almost a minuter from my previous time and run the 5k in under 21 minutes (20:58) for the first time ever.

I had hoped to build on that and maybe improve just a little bit more this week… Imagine how annoyed I have been as I nurse my right foot back to full strength this past 2 weeks. I broke/cracked something while clambering up through the undergrowth at the farm fence (retracing the steps of my bike burglar). It’s certainly healing very well but I know the sensible thing has been to go easy and not race tonight. I still plan to run, but perhaps the 8k, and will probably pace one or two of the slower folks in our Balanced Athlete group – see if we can help them break a barrier of their own.

Besides, the weather is gorgeous so I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to hang out with friends and and at least enjoy the BBQ and sunshine down at Three Friends park on the river…


~ by John Rankin on Jul 9, 2008.

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