Midnight sun run and a sore butt

Finally I reach the milestone of 10 US states and it was a great experience. The Mayor’s marathon in Alaska. Sunny Anchorage actually – even sunny welllllll into the late evening. Made getting to sleep a little weird on Friday night with the light streaming in around the drapes…

It was more of whistle stop trip than anything… An early morning Friday flight from Seattle, race on Saturday and then a red-eye return on Sunday.

A little drizzle in the race’s first hour kept us all cool to start and it was just overcast when we hit the trail section (do I remember correctly it was at mile 8?). It was a surprise to be on a wide, sweeping graded rock/gravel road – going up and down through the Army reservation (seemed to be more up than down). It wasn’t so steady underfoot, but I tried to keep up a good pace. That morphed into a section of single-track forest trails – complete with mud puddles. Oh joy!

By the time we returned to paved surfaces I was only off by less than 4 minutes for a 3:30:00 pace. Then it was a long downhill towards Anchorage. By mile 20 I could feel it in my legs after 6 of those miles. By 23 my butt cheeks were aching from the use of all the “stabilizing” they had been asked to do on the rocky trail roads.

In the end I finished in the 3:45 timeframe – very happy to be done but feeling surprisingly fresh. All the cardio training (Metabolic/VO2 testing and training) left me with lots of energy to spare, but the tiredness was in my calves and glutes… I suspect from lack of attention to my carb loading last week as well as that trail segment… Gotta work on that nutrition discipline some more.

OK, with 10 US states officially done, I can join the 50 state club as some kind of “associate”… Next up? Pennsylvania in September and I’ll probably round out the year with Las Vegas.

Are you coming too? (you know who you are, LOL)


~ by John Rankin on Jun 23, 2008.

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