Up the trail and down Scenic Hill

I almost wrote something like “Last long run before Tucson” but decided that such a tired running blog title was, well… just too tired. So what if it was the last long run before my next marathon. What did you do, John ? Where did you go ? Did anything interesting happen ? Was it just another Balanced Athlete run around the golf course on Sunday ?

Eric knew I wanted to get about 18 miles in so the plan was to do 2 sets. A first loop up onto Kent’s East Hill and back to the store for an 8-miler(ish) run. Then anyone who wanted to could join us for another 7 or 8 masochistic miles :-) Fourteen of us went South along the river at about 9min/mile to the bottom of the 277th St hill-climb. It rises a few hundred feet in 1.1 miles and I felt sure that many folk would have rested along the way if they had been out on a Sunday Solo but, being part of a group, everyone made it – running.

Down, down, down Scenic Hill as it skirts Canyon/Earthworks Park (shouting as we passed Paul B’s place to wake him) and back through town to the store. After 9.5 miles only Eric and I were crazy enough to want more so we took off North on the Interurban Trail for a fast out-n-back 6 miles. A slow one (8:30) to begin, 4 at 7:30 and the last we pushed it to 7:00/mile. Exhilarating to realize that I could run a 42-44 minute 10K after a 10 mile hill-climbing work out. Yes, I’m happy that I’m ready for Tucson.

Was it just another Balanced Athlete Sunday run ? No, it was a remarkable run for a number of reasons.

  • The group runs have been getting larger, busier and noisier – Sunday saw our best group in ages with over a dozen people smiling and eager to start at 8am.
  • It was so good to see people there ranging from original runners to the new faces
  • On the run so many little groups forming, changing and re-forming making it a great social event too
  • A number of people commenting how far they have come in running and fitness in only one short summer

~ by John Rankin on Nov 20, 2007.

One Response to “Up the trail and down Scenic Hill”

  1. What an encouragement to be able to witness others become running enthusiasts!

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