By the light of the (silvery) moon

This evening we had one of those runs that makes you enjoy the experience in spite of the cold or the effort or any inconvenience… An easy run south through Kent to pick up the Green River trail, like so many others we have run this year, but here we are in Late October and Halloween approaching.

The sun had pretty much disappeared by mile 1 as we reached the trail where it gets shady and the chill from the river felt like a blast on our faces. Darker now as we rounded each bend then at mile 2 a big full moon was rising above the trees. On one side an alpine glow in the western sky with a cool blue haze filling the other half. The bonus was an occasional ghostly glimpse of Mt Rainier between the trees.

By the time we reached RiverBend golf course at mile 4 there was only the moonlight and our little group quietly running along. With that moon now even higher in the sky there was no need for the little headlights and flashlights Eric and Brian had been using. For the next 5 minutes everything was bathed in blue-white and we could see the moon reflected in the river.

Our last 2 miles were a bit of an anticlimax… back in the streets with their traffic. The magic now dissipated.

One more quiet section (interurban trail) gave us the opportunity for a little speedwork – a nice 6:30/mile along the trail certainly warmed us all up :-) Brian never knew he had it in him.


~ by John Rankin on Oct 25, 2007.

One Response to “By the light of the (silvery) moon”

  1. You just gotta love a run like that! Just reading about it made me want to race out at midnight. Great post:-))

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