Denver Marathon 2007

John at the Denver finishing lineReturned from not so sunny Denver last night. It was sooooooo cold and wet (check out the news report), but fun in that crazy marathoner’s way… Due to the need to check out, I had to pack all my stuff still wet, in bags. I weighed all the gear (shirts, shorts, socks, shoes) and, compared to dry stuff, they had over a pound of water in them. Besides, I could hear my shoes squelched as I ran over the finish line. I reached “goal 1 – just finish” as well as “goal 2 – break 4 hrs”. My chip-time was 3:54:48 which wasn’t bad for the yuck weather and mile-high altitude.

Speaking of the altitude, I had somewhat dismissed the potential performance penalty the 5280 feet elevation might have on my performance – remembering how well I seemed to cope when I had run the Fiesta de Albuquerque marathon back in April 2006. That was also up in the 5000 foot range but I felt it affect me in Denver yesterday – fighting for breath on the slight hills and as I upped the pace on mile 23 for a strong finish. It definitely was obvious as I gasped while they cut the timing chip from my shoe.

Sadly, thanks to the weather, the Post-race festivities didn’t seem well attended with most runners (including yours truly) seeming to fly through the assembled tents and vendors even quicker than they had run the previous 26.2 miles :-) After picking up our medals we did have a Coors beer tent as a treat… ummmmm, freezin’ cold beer didn’t do it for me so I picked my way gingerly across the muddy field that Civic Center Park had become and back to my room for a hot shower I had dreamed of since mile 2!!! Last but not least, lunch with Rahim and his 3 relay team friends at the Cap City bar… by then our recollections of the morning’s events began to seem like fun again. Funny folk we runners… short memories, huh ?

Still, it was a good marathon. Excellent crowds. Super city to visit. Give this one a try if you’re looking for a Fall 26.2 race.

~ by John Rankin on Oct 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “Denver Marathon 2007”

  1. Of course it’s wonderful! I took it! :)

    Good job on the race, John! Now you understand what I have to go through at this altitude. Although, the good news for me is I get to run where there’s more O2 on my other 46 marathons….

  2. Congrats. The altitude would have made me so sick. That’s a great time, all things considered. I’d like to do that marathon someday as I hope to live in CO someday.

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