Drenched in Denver

2007_co.jpgTired as I am from the delayed Alaska Airlines flight from Denver to Portland, as well as the noisy turboprop puddle jumper onward to Seattle… I thought I’d jot down a quick note tonight before crashing out.Let me see, how can I put it ? It rained. No… It really rained hard ? No… It rained hard all through the race, with a breeze, big puddles in the streets and boy it was cold (I tried to write that so I could work in “with a cherry on top” but…). Well you get the picture. The spectators were awesome though!

Late getting to the start line I had an enforced ambling start in the rain, followed by a soggy middle part, followed by a still wet last bit in Downtown Denver. I settled down by mile 12 to just make sure I beat my usual goals 1 and 2 (just finish and beat 4 hours respectively). Happily I achieved both, crossing the line at 3:54:48 to Rahim’s encouraging cheers and the flash of his camera (photos later when he emails them).

For those of you who stumbled in here having Googled for the 2007 race Resultsclick here to see them


For those of you who stumbled in here having Googled for the 2007 race Photosclick here

OK, that’s Colorado done in my 50 state quest. next up Arizona in December, but not before I say how much I enjoyed the city of Denver. Cool place, nice folk and I’m determined to make a return trip as soon as CG and I are able :-)

More on the Denver experience later this week. Until then – Thanks Denver. It was soooooooo cool (literally and figuratively!)

~ by John Rankin on Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. i like the car plate! nice one!

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