Denver Marathon this weekend

For those of you who stumbled in here having Googled for the 2007 race resultsclick here to see them

I’m really looking forward to running in Denver on Sunday – my second high altitude race. I’ve put in plenty of training miles, pretty much sticking to my typical plan and schedule. I’m being sooooo good on the taper period diet – drinking plenty of fluids to help the absorption of the slight increase in carbs this week.

Dinner this evening with my daughter at the Olive Garden (hey… it was her choice!!!!) before I set off tomorrow. I have a nice early flight that will get me into the Mile-High city by 11:00 so I get almost 2 days to acclimate just a little bit. Then I plan to relax and take it easy for 2 days prior to the run – a strategy that I noticed big benefits from with all my Sunday long runs lately. I’ll hit the pasta dinner in Denver with one of my partners in blogging (Rahim), who’s running his hometown race as the 1st leg of the relay. “That means I’ll see you for 2 seconds before you take off into your 8:00/mile pace. :) We can always celebrate with a beer after the race, ya?”, said Rahim. More like 2 minutes at the start, but definitely “ya” on the beer!

BTW, I noticed a nice gesture from the Denver marathon folks this morning… following last week’s Chicago debacle, they are offering free registration to anyone who had been in that aborted race. Cool that they are giving people (primarily from Colorado, I suppose) an opportunity to still put all those months of training to good use.

This will be my “number 8 state”… will I make it to 50 ? Geez, I hope so !


~ by John Rankin on Oct 11, 2007.

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