I swear I was actually flying

It was only for a second. Perhaps two, but I was airborne on 124th Avenue this afternoon.

Earlier I watched the rain fall, lit from behind by occasional flashes of lightning and shrugged at the realization I didn’t want to get wet again so soon after Sunday’s session. Then it came – that tantalizing break in the clouds sending the sunlight and the promise of a window of opportunity. I’m a runner so how could I resist ?

In my bright yellow vest (remember… any driver that says he never saw me is a liar) I set off for a slow couple of miles. Only a half mile into it I saw the puddle. A big puddle and memories of Sunday made me instinctively move for the drier sidewalk. I knew it as soon as the left foot began to slip on the wet concrete. I knew I was going down. Ohhhhh the indignity of it, but at least that’s all that was hurt :0) I had the presence of mind to tuck my left shoulder down and pretty much “roll through” the fall. Heck, I even came back up and pretty much right back into my stride (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), but for sure there was clear daylight between me and the pavement for a few golden moments. Hah. I must have looked like an idiot though. Well, I laughed anyway.

I finished a nice slow 3 miles with only a slight scare and a little scrape on my left knee. With 11 days until the Denver race it was lucky, lucky, lucky… It just occurred to me that maybe I should go down to Safeway and buy a lottery ticket. On the other hand perhaps I’ve used up today’s ration of good fortune.


~ by John Rankin on Oct 3, 2007.

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