Listen to the rythm of the falling rain…

Bonus points to any reader who can name the song that open with those words :-)

Anyway, they popped into my head as I recalled yesterday’s last long run before the Denver marathon on the 14th. My schedule had me doing an 18 mile slow run as I begin the last 2 week taper down – so when I woke early on Sunday to the sound of steady, heavy rain the second half of that opening line came so naturally (… telling me just what a fool I’ve been).

The upside was it’s very quiet on the roads north of Olympia at 8am on a rainy Sunday. A couple of bike riders, one other lone running fool and a handful of cars to wave at. And the rain. Did I mention the rain ?

I swear I almost turned around at the 2 mile point to head back to the house. I could see from my watch that I was actually running at a good steady pace but it felt slow and kinda unsatisfying. I stopped a few times briefly to walk and figure out what was wrong. I took off my jacket… I put it back on… fixed my right shoelace… must have been the rain and the solo situation as it certainly was mental and temporary. Almost at mile 4, I suddenly found “that feeling” and I was off and running easily. Besides… I suddenly remembered that the Balanced Athletes were all running in the same rain at that moment so in a way I was still on the group run in spirit. (Be sure to check out the Balanced Athlete Blog for their rainy day musings).

The goal was to run a steady 10:00/mile and completed 18 miles in 3 hrs 0 minutes and 3 seconds – with 1 stretch at the turn around, 3 Gu stops and 2 emergency bathroom breaks in the bushes. A nice steady run and just what I was looking for in this last long run. And the rain. Did I mention the rain ? It rained for the entire time but I stayed warm, kept my mind on the nice, warm breakfast that was waiting back at the house.


~ by John Rankin on Oct 1, 2007.

One Response to “Listen to the rythm of the falling rain…”

  1. running in the rain isn’t so bad unless you’re out for a long run…I would have woke up, saw the rain, and said “i’ll do it tomorrow,” haha.

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