I wonder who that runner was…

I squeezed in my run for the day during lunchtime and had a nice 5 miles at a moderate pace during this Denver “taper period”. I just decided to keep it simple and run 124th Ave north on a 3-mile out and back to Kent Kangley Road and then tack on a couple miles in the other direction from the farm gate. It was turning into another one of those so-so jaunts up and down the road…

So there I was at the (Lea Hill) Elementary school turning around for the last mile home… another runner heading my way. I was going to run back on the left side of the road (facing traffic) while she stayed on her side – and off we went at the same time. A speedy quarter mile downhill to the 304th stop sign and we were neck and neck. I wasn’t sure at first but then I asked myself “Did she speed up ?” – she was a pretty strong runner obviously. Hmmmm… fun, fun, fun. Just 3/4 of a mile to the farm gate and I used the pressure provided by this woman to see how focused I could stay on my running form.

All I thought about for 6 minutes (well almost all) was breathing, arms, stride length… all the stuff Eric tries to drum into us at The Balanced Athlete. I pulled up at the gate about 1/8 of a mile ahead of my mystery “competitor”. A smile, nod of the head and friendly “hi” as she passed – her run still having miles to go ? Never seen her before but it was a pleasant surprise to have her unwitting encouragement that made my run more productive.


~ by John Rankin on Sep 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “I wonder who that runner was…”

  1. In response to your comment, I found this out because someone else googled ‘strangest human’ and came accross my blog. It was a perfect stranger, in fact. So, it wasn’t a marketing scheme, if that’s what you meant. But I am glad that you left a comment! Thanks!

    I like your blog.

  2. Oh, by the way, I am a competitive runner too.

    Adios, amigo.

  3. Okay, sorry. Last comment. I totally had it wrong, and thought you were commenting on something totally different. So, now, HAH lol! Your comment makes me laugh! Thanks!

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