Long runs (and breakfasts) before the Denver Marathon

Check out the Wild Wheat restaurant in KentThe last few long runs have worked out pretty well. Scheduled to do an 18, 20 and 20 on successive Sundays, I have been careful to just rest for the 2 days prior – eating conservatively and relaxing, with a good night’s sleep before the run. I really enjoy the time with the Balanced Athlete running group (as well as the post-run breakfasts at Wild Wheat) so instead of doing the long runs Northwest of the farm, I figured out how to combine the best of both.

In the Spring I was running 5 miles from the farm to downtown Kent,joining the crowd for a slow 10, then hauling myself back up Scenic Hill for the last leg. “Quel Bummere” as they might say in France… I had to time my downhill miles so they didn’t go without me and I didn’t show up too early. Worse was the realization that on the run home Eric and Iliana were tucking into eggs, toast ‘n’ coffee :-(

The seasons are changing on us fast. Sunday’s 20 miler started when it was still dark, but the good news is that there’s plenty parking at the store at 6am :-) I did an easy couple of miles through town to reach the Green River Trail and by the time I ran past Riverbend Golf Course there was enough light to check my pace on the watch. The weather was perfect – cool, slightly damp air, no wind or rain… chilly enough that I met only 2 (insomniac ?) dog-walkers in the first 8 miles. Cars ? none!

I had put in 11 miles on making it back to the store. A 5 minute rest, quick change of shirt and water bottle then back on the road in a pack of 8 – all happy to do 10 miles up to “Three Friends Fishing Hole”. A slow 5 or so up there – chatting, laughing, just enjoying the scenery and talking about what we were going to have for breakfast! After a quick “pit stop” for a few folks we headed back South – now at 8:00/mile for Iliana, Rob and myself… At mile 8 Iliana “took off” at a bit of a sprint followed by me 30 seconds later when Rob wanted to walk for a minute. The 3 of us jogged back and rejoined the group for the last couple of miles, with Iliana pushing me to a sprint in the last 2/3 of a mile. Legs like jello (jelly) when I finished the second 11 miles, but it was another great long run that will help me in Denver in a couple of weeks. 26.2 miles at high altitude.

Boy did I enjoy that “3-egg omlette, 2 sausages, home fries, sourdough toast and coffee” at Wild Wheat ? Oh yes… !!!!


~ by John Rankin on Sep 25, 2007.

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