2007 Pasta Dash Results

Been getting a lot of hits on the blog from people Googling for last weeks race results. There’s a link to both the 5K and 10K races on the South Sound Running website. However, in the interests of keeping your clicking to a minimum I have the links here:

2007 Pasta Dash 5K Results

2007 Pasta Dash 10K Results

Me ? Oh I came in 20th overall, 18th in the mens 10K out of about 80 runners in the race. At 46:18 I was about 2:30 off my best 10K time but I was more interested in the Pasta Dash as a fun evening in Oly with CG. Next year I think I’ll go back to the 5K though – that way you finish 20 minutes sooner, get to the front of the dinner line and snag a good seat at the stage :-)

~ by John Rankin on Sep 23, 2007.

One Response to “2007 Pasta Dash Results”

  1. Pretty impressive results John! Good luck in your upcoming Marathon.

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