Group running milestone

500 miles to ?Running… jogging… walking… does seem to have the image of the solitary soul sweating and struggling along the road or around the local park. For the longest time I pretty much was that runner – out there with only my own conversation to entertain me. I could never get used to the iPod while out on the roads (too risky anyway).

So last winter when I discovered the new Balanced Athlete store in Kent, where Eric Sach offers group runs, I tentatively joined in. Tentatively because, like so many people I’ve since met, I thought I would be “the one who slows the real runners down”… The right group attitude is key and Eric’s philosophy is “time doesn’t count”. Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings have grown to be the gatherings for a mixed bunch – anywhere from 3 diehards to as many as 11 (including a few running pets… the doggies dragged out with their owners). We break into different teams whenever some feel the need to run a longer loop and move to the pace of the slowest -slow enough that the chatting takes minds off any aching feet or tiring muscles…

Hey, it keeps me motivated and the sessions whether 4 or 24 miles, are always a laugh. My training log where I record my training progress reminded me that Thursday’s trip around the 4-mile “Adult Loop” (the old geezer’s short, easy one as opposed to the 6-mile “Kids Loop” much preferred by the youngsters) brought me to an even 500 miles with the group in 2007… From being pretty much the solitary runner in 2005 that tells me I’m doing just over half my mileage with what’s become a real fun group of true friends.


~ by John Rankin on Sep 21, 2007.

One Response to “Group running milestone”

  1. I think i will adapt the “time doesnt count” philosophy. heheh I think pressurin’ ourselves to reach PBs all the time makes running(sometimes) less fun. :)

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