Last Glasgow Run

Number 17Last time I ran here in Glasgow I had to estimate (guess really) at how far my runs were taking me. After becoming used to the regular “grid” system of US streets all the odd shaped twists and turns don’t lend themselves to gauging miles run. Easier this time with my trusty Suunto Footpod, which I calibrated before flying over – as it tells my watch not only my current pace but miles run. So that’s how I know it’s 1.75 miles around the outside of Queens Park.

With an even mile to and from the Victoria Road gate, I have made the park my usual route while here, running anywhere from 2 to 5 laps of its paths depending on the distance for that day’s training plan. Running inside the boundary provided a mixture of wide, flat, tree-lined trails and paths with a lazy loop around old the boating pond in the NW corner. Queens Park Still, I had to be sure to give the 2 large swans (and their cygnets) a pretty wide berth as I clomped along the waterside there… Following the streets along the park fence gave me the same distance but it was fun to run along the streets and check out the old victorian architecture that still defines the Govanhill and Queens Park areas.


~ by John Rankin on Aug 18, 2007.

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