Glasgow Bound in August

Well, my daughter’s passport finally arrived and so the the summer trip to Scotland is “on”… Two weeks of family visits and trips – can I still do all the running I want to do as well ? I have a nephew there who is a dedicated cross country runner (member of the Cambuslang Harriers) so I imagine I can persuade him to join me on a few loops. I know they (esp my mum) will think I’m mad when I get up early (on vacation/holiday) to go running… voluntary hard exercise. Come to think on it, maybe I am. Anyway, even if I don’t do as much running as I hope to, it will keep me on track (pardon the pun) for the Denver Marathon in October.

I also went on to check out some possible routes – one to my sister’s in East Kilbride (7 miles) and another to my brother’s in Cambuslang (6 miles). They will be nice Sunday runs, but I just have to remember that the traffic is on the opposite side of the road… take extra care as I’ll be running in irregular city/suburb streets instead of the usual trails and US “grid-style” country roads.

Here’s a link to the Cambuslang Run from my old house to my brother’s place. Also, here’s a link to the East Kilbride Run from the same origin (Myrtle Place) up to my sister’s house. The rest will have to be various and random local loops and circuits like my last Glasgow trip. Then I was kinda guessing the distances and having to add little extra bits on here and there to be sure I was putting the miles in. Now with the cool little Suunto FootPod attached to my shoe, I’ll be able to see the distance as I go…

Who knows, maybe there will be a race or fun-run in the area during my visit…


~ by John Rankin on Jul 18, 2007.

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