Cornucopia Days 5K

Last July the “corn days run” was a pretty sedate event. There was both a 10K and 5K but it was very low key – maybe 100 folks, including walkers. This year it was streamlined to just a 5K on the same Green River trail course, but with the new RoadRunner Sports store in Kent lending its name to the marketing, we easily had twice the number this year.

This was the first short race I’ve done since last November’s “Turkey Trot” and I was interested to see how the last few months’ coaching would help – in spite of doing no real training for “sprint” racing. Everything I’ve been doing has been targeted towards marathons, endurance, pacing… At the start line we had 10 of the Balanced Athlete regulars ready to go – everyone wearing the blue “team” shirts from the store. What a photo op for Eric!

Even at race time we must have been at 70 degrees and by the time we were on the trail by the river we were out of any breeze. It was hot and the sound of runners panting was evident faster than usual. Half a mile in I settled down to a nice pace, concentrating on arms and posture. As long as I stayed focused on that I could feel everything else falling into place and maintaining a good pace was easier. Hit mile 1 at 6:55 but found myself boxed in for a while, so mile 2 was a bit slower and, with the front runners now passing on their return leg, it took a few hundred yards on the narrow trail to get clear.

The last mile to home was great fun. Now the course had really stretched out and a few runners were with me in a little group. It wasn’t their heavy breathing that convinced me I was doing better… I could hear their feet pounding heavily as I concentrated on shorter, quicker paces… leaning forward… no over-striding.

I think I was the 6th Balanced Athlete back to the finish… I kept Iliana close and almost caught her in the last half mile, but didn’t quite have enough in me. Still, it kept me motivated as I placed 33rd overall, with a 4th in age group at 21:33  final time. Well, that’s a 6:57/minute pace without having done any race specific training, so I’m pretty happy overall.


~ by John Rankin on Jul 14, 2007.

One Response to “Cornucopia Days 5K”

  1. Wow! I’d say you should be happy with that time! Good job.

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