Global warming and running in Kent

I swear I never complained once when I was slogging through the rain, fog and snow back in January. Really I didn’t. I have always enjoyed running to keep warm and when the mercury starts to soar then that’s when I have to dig deep for motivation. The mercury has been rising fast here lately… do we even use mercury in thermometers anymore ? Does the mere mention of that turn of phrase begin to date me as a refugee from the early 20th century ?

The last couple of weeks have been the beginning of another 16 week buildup to my next race (Denver, CO) in October. After Olympia in May I took the last 5 weeks easier than any in the last few years. Nothing too long distance or too fast paced – just slow “foundation” kinda running – advice I had read before to prevent getting burned out by constant (self) pressure. Now I’m back on the horse…

It’s been early morning runs before the sun comes up – like a wonderful trip around the forested loop by Dana Passage. Cool in the trees, with only the dog-walker, foxes and deer to witness my miles. Exhilarating to know you are making the most of what will be a great, sunny, fun day.

It’s also been muggy evening runs along the Green River after the valley has been baked all day – with the Balanced Athlete crowd this afternoon. A great crowd of dedicated runners… when we start there’s always an eager chatter between us but, by mile 3 and feeling the effects of 84 degrees, we jog along silently for the most part. Sure I know it’s “good for me”… Of course I need to put the miles in to be ready for Denver, but I’m there at that time because the others are there.

P.S. I realize for some of you 84 degrees might be a cool day (OK ? TX ?) but this is WA… we mark our calendars and roll out the Channel 7 news trucks if it hits 60 :-)


~ by John Rankin on Jul 5, 2007.

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