John Lee HookerThe headphones are on, the mp3 player is fired up and I am in a different world…

(Sandy Rogers – “Fool for Love”) I just had a good run… 4 miles in light drizzle. Came in the front door like Kramer on Sienfeld… with a “what do you want for lunch ?” to my daughter. After playing that famous game “list every ingredient and consumable in the fridge/freezer/pantry”, she decided on the pizza… I had run out of persuasion in my batman utility belt, so that’s what she had.

(The Ramones – “What I Like About You”) Just had a great read of Zappoman’s Gym Etiquette posting today. He made an interesting observation about how it’s very easy for gyms (and fitness situations in general) to accidentally perpetuate an idea that the “athletes” are somehow more deserving than newcomers or those less capable. (Oasis – “Wonderwall” – live version) It reminded of how we work hard at our Balanced Athlete group runs to make everyone feel included. There’s nothing worse than turning up at the gym, the pool, the race and wondering if you really belong… I always work a little harder to help people get comfortable… to get started… to stay.

Etiquette… what’s my pet peeve ? In a race – especially a marathon, iPods stuffed into ears of people who are slower, know they’re slower but start wayyyyy at the front… then are in your way during those initial miles. (Rage Against The Machine – “Wake Up”) There I am trying to stay on at least an initial pace, run straight, avoid stumbling in the inevitible crowd and there’s Barbie or Ken, deaf to us all, bobbing from side to side with elbows flying… ouch. I said OUCH, Lady ! It’s even worse than the time some guy accidentally spat (and tagged me) just as I was passing (mile 20, Portland… will never forget it… he apologized). (John Lee Hooker – “I’m in the Mood”)

What’s funny ? Well, I always laugh when (like today) Green River Comm College kids decide to scream like lunatics as they pass me. The first time it happened, I was in that “zone” on my run… so it made me jump. Now I just wave and shout back. (Squeeze – “Cool For Cats” – extra points if you agree Jools Holland is a keyboard genius)

OK… this hasn’t been much of a running blog post. It hasn’t added to the world’s collective exercise and fitness wisdom. TE of 4.0 in 4 miles in 37 minutes… Hey, I’ve enjoyed myself. (Toots & the Maytals – “Monkey Man”) How appropriate… I’m a lucky monkey and I know it, my CG :-)

~ by John Rankin on Feb 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Saturday”

  1. “Saturday” seems like such a mundane title for a great “Fun with Music” post! Keep running and keep jammin’!

  2. I hate, HATE it when car honking or obnoxious shouting out the window makes me jump. I don’t care who it is – I get instant running rage, haha. It may actually help my performance though…

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