Valentines 10K

That was a very satisfying race today. The weather was perfect this morning and there was a good sized crowd lined up for the 1/2 and full marathon at 10:30… then it was the turn for the rest of us (short distance slackers).

I managed a 3rd place overall and 1st in age division… I was amazed at that – along with a 43:50 finish (7:06/mile) which turns out to be a 10K personal best. I was sure I was in the lead on the outward leg (I had been at the front of the start and was sure nobody passed me). Still, by the time I turned around at the 5K point, there was no-one in front of me that I could see… but apparently I was 2 minutes behind 2 high school students.

It wasn’t bad considering it’s the first short distance event of 2007 and after a bad night’s sleep (my daughter had been up sick during the night…). All in all I was pleased with maintaining a steady pace throughout. I know I can shave it down below 43:00 though…

CG was very pleased with my result… I could tell. As she hadn’t yet been on her 5K loop we didn’t have anything to eat at Batty’s, but had a laugh over coffee – I had her check out the official giveaway race t-shirt… I had to agree with her superior judgement that it was something we might wear downtown only if we wanted to upset our daughters… :-)


~ by John Rankin on Feb 11, 2007.

One Response to “Valentines 10K”

  1. So YOU are the “young” man that beat my husband in this 10K! ; ) (and my husband is 35) (Blake Ilstrup-listed as “Gilstrup” for some reason) My Garmin showed this race as 6.39mi not 6.2 when we finished. Did you hear that it was longer than 10K? I loved this race and the race sight! I went to 6th grade camp at Millersylvania and that was a long, long time ago…31 years to be exact. : / Probably the same time that I had my last Ding Dong! (I also had when I finished this race, by the way) It was a blast to the past for sure…. We plan to be there again on 4/1. Hope for the same perfect weather. Happy Running John!

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