Millersylvania Valentines Day Run

Tomorrow morning (Sunday) I’m off to Millersylvania State Park, just south of Olympia, to run in another of Bob Green’s fun race events. He organizes races and duathlons all through the year – coinciding with whatever the “highlight holiday” is at the time (Valentines, Easter, Christmas, Superbowl, etc…) and they are always fun. WA folks who are interested can find them listed in the “ontherun” website.

There will be the usual set – 1 mile, 5K,10K, 10 mile, 1/2 marathon and this time a full marathon which is USATF certified and a Boston qualifier. I am just ending week 2 of the build up to the Capital City race in May, so I’m still doing fairly short runs. I’m signed up for the 10K. It’s taken a cooler, wetter turn here in WA this evening (“what’s new”, I hear you say) but personally I like it cooler, so I’m hoping for a fairly good time at this early stage of training.

It seems like CG’s cold/flu is getting better… so afterwards I think I’ll scoot up to Olympia with her, snag a comfy couch at the espresso place, and find out over coffee/tea how her 5K day went. Should be an interesting post-race debrief/sharing of stories… Kaffee mit meine Zimtmädchen ! Hopefully, I will be able to (truthfully) tell that I ran under 45 mins.

Stay tuned.

~ by John Rankin on Feb 10, 2007.

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