I always have a problem with RTFM

How many times have I bought something – a gadget or running equipment item – and just played with it to figure it out ? I suppose it’s a guy thing… why read the flippin’ manual when you can stumble around and take 10 times longer to learn how to use it half as effectively.

Case in point is my Heart Rate Monitor. I grudgingly caved in and read the little book after I realized that no matter how many times I pushed button B or A or whatever, I was just not going to will the thing to change from MPH to Km/hr… But, hey – on the positive side, I have no problem stopping and asking for directions.

Still, manufacturers do occasionally make stuff that we can’t seem to figure out BECAUSE they are so simple and innocuous. Noelryan had a good point in his blog this morning (“Of course what New Balance didn’t realise is that some people actually need instructions on how to drink from a bottle“). Hear, hear !Laughed when I read it because I did a similar thing with my Camelback…

~ by John Rankin on Feb 1, 2007.

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