“Inspired, am I”, said Yodda

Well, I don’t know if Yodda ever said hose words in any Star Wars movie, but I have been given an intriguing challenge this week. Eric Sach (He of The Balanced Athlete) is pretty sure he could coach me to a 3:15:00 performance.

It began simply enough… “pick a race towards the end of the year to give me enough time, and I reckon we could get you down to 3:15”, he said. It interests me because I flirt with that 3:30 mark every time and I know that I achieve that on my own (amateur) efforts anyway. How much could I improve in 6 months with another person’s input – a dispassionate observer/coach/trainer ?

We discussed running the “program” on his store’s website – as a kind of “look what’s going on in our town” – another publicity opportunity. Next group run is on Thursday at the store so we’ll chat more then…

~ by John Rankin on Jan 31, 2007.

2 Responses to ““Inspired, am I”, said Yodda”

  1. I have been trying to improve my run speed and have been good about doing track workouts even though I really don’t enjoy them because they are TOUGH! I’ve been doing a lot trail running instead of road recently. do you think the trail running will slow my run pace down even with my consistent track workouts??

  2. No, I believe that variety in your workouts is vital. I saw some of the best overall improvements in performance when I introduced a “less is more” approach… mixing speedwork with steady paced base endurance sessions.

    My only caveat about trail running would be avoid off-road, rocky dirt trails (e.g.in the woods). I always think it’s too high a risk of injury. More open gravel or paved rolling trails work best. Then you can even step up the pace if needed.

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