Eat healthy. Run better

Like charades - 2 words… 1st word… 3 syllables.I have been thinking all evening about the offer by Eric (The Balanced Athlete store) to guide me through a summer of training towards a faster, stronger marathon. It occurred to me that part of the strategy will be to spend some time really getting to grips with what will be the best diet I can maintain. Eating right, training well and still having fun will be the keys.

There I was online this evening, taking a first look around the internet to gather ideas about healthful foods. Not too focused as I have no real definitive plan as yet. I remembered a friend recently telling me that cinnamon, of all things, was underrated in its beneficial qualities. Sure enough, there’s lists n lists of websites that confirm that cinnamon can help.

Right out of the chute on Google was “Eat This” – 10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon… Immediately warmed to the site when I first read benefit #5 – It has an anti-clotting effect on the blood (I had a Chief in the RAF that called me a clot… so maybe it would have helped back then). Alison (one of the people in the cinnamon-as-benefit discussion thread) worried me with “Do we really want our blood not to clot? “Benefit” #5″. Mmmmmm…. over-concerned, I think…

Just scratching the surface of this whole dietary facet of “real’ training (in a not so serious way) convinces me that if I want to do things right, I’m going to have to really rely on some other’s expertise and not try to go it alone anymore.

But cinnamon ? It has me intrigued.


~ by John Rankin on Jan 31, 2007.

3 Responses to “Eat healthy. Run better”

  1. Hey, CG

    I really don’t know if it’s a fixation but I know I’ve become more interested since I began reading about it last summer… was more in evidence and on my mind over the Holidays, of course. Lately though, a number of things are leaving me more convinced of the benefits. Besides, it sure is nice and so cool sprinkled on the latte foam (yup, I had that once…).

  2. John,

    I know you are focused on running as opposed to triathlon, but Joe Friel’s got a pretty detailed nutritional guide in “The Triathlete’s Training Bible”. That book is probably overkill for you, but I know he references a lot of concepts from “The Paleo Diet”, I suspect that many endurance athlete focused diets will encourage that route… The basics? Eat healthy foods, focus on “good carbs” and protein, avoid dairy, try to avoid grains and high-glycemic carbs.

    You know, as I scan the chapter of this book again, it makes me think I really should refocus on my diet as well.

    Hmmm…. You got me thinking, John. You got me thinking!

  3. I almost edited the title of this post to “Eat healthy. Run faster”. On reflection, I meant run better, meaning that we should want to first have a more satisfying experience on a race, on Sunday morning run… or any endeavor. Also, CG got me thinking that there’s still that mental dimension to it all… just being happy as well as the usual pure diet and exercise focus. Thanks, CG.

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