Post Marathon Running again

I gave myself a few days off following last week’s Houston event. It had been a tough run and although I felt good on Sunday, by Monday my legs were stiff – enough to have me use the elevator at work to go downstairs.

By Thursday I was happy to be back with the Balance Athlete running crowd for one of our midweek runs. That was a medium paced 6 miler (took about an hour). I was OK on a short 4 miler yesterday up here on the hill roads around the farm so I was ready for another of our group’s weekend jaunts down by the Green River this morning.

We divided into a couple of groups… I opted to shoot for 9 miles. We started at a 9:50 pace and stepped it up ever 2 miles and finished the last couple at an 8:00 pace. Felt good, although by the end I knew my quads still have some recovery to do…


~ by John Rankin on Jan 21, 2007.

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