Track me online at Houston

farm_snow.jpgWe had a dusting of snow here yesterday when I woke, but this morning more had fallen and it’s deep (for here any way… no laughing in the midwest, ok ?). I won’t get out for what would have been my last training run of this taper down week. I can think of worse things than this “enforced tranquility”.

I’m ready for a couple of days at the Hyatt in Houston, maybe take a course tour/drive, visit the race expo (spend some money of course) and enjoy some mider weather for the race on Sunday.

I just found out on the race website that anyone who is interested can track athlete progtess via a feed from the timing chip system there. if you go to the Athlete Alert Page at the Houston marathon site, it’s possible to quickly set up an account for yourself to track me.

  • log in
  • search for “Rankin, John”
  • add any emails and/or cellphone numbers you want to have “pinged”
  • select the “split times” option if you want race progress as well as finish result
  • don’t forget to enter the confirmation code that they will send to your inbox…

If you manage to successfully navigate all of that, you will be hassled by email or text message as I pass each timing point. That way you will be able to send congratulations (or funny/sarcastic comments) right away on Sunday…

I have just discovered a method that will allow the Houston Marathon site to post  my split times and finish time directly into the blog… As I pass over the timing mat at each split (10K, 13.1 mile,  etc) and finish line their computer will email the time via an account at – cool huh ?


~ by John Rankin on Jan 11, 2007.

5 Responses to “Track me online at Houston”

  1. Wow! I didn’t know they could do that. I’ve signed up for athlete alerts and I’ll be watching and rooting for you.

    Two words of advice: Run Smart

  2. Good luck in the race…

    As for posting splits to your blog… that is a cool feature.

  3. Good luck John! I hope you have an enjoyable race.

  4. Good luck, John! Too bad you won’t have a JohnCam like Lance had LanceCam when he ran NYC marathon. :)

  5. If I manage to re-qualify for Boston I’m going to buy one of those Samsung “wearable” video cameras for that race. That is such a huge event that I would love to capture some of it and shre it on here.

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