New Music has me singing

toots.jpgI’ve been training for 15+ weeks to get ready for Houston on Sunday. I guess I am ready and now I’m pretty much just relaxing in the last taper week I could have stuck a few extra miles in today, but instead kicked back and listened to some new music.

I have always enjoyed anything out of the ordinary… like reggae, although I don’t run to it. I found an album by Toots Hibbert and the Maytals. It is soooooooo “running” – check it out. “True Love” is a bit of a cross-over that has Toots inviting quite a few familiar names to collaborate in his style… I am going to have a happy flight to Texas with that one.

brazilian.jpgMore interesting was the album that Christina “tuned me into”. I had heard of them before – glancingly – from one track on my daughter’s IPod thingy. It took me 3 or 4 track samples on MusicMatch to decide I absolutely had to hear more. Try out “The Brazilian Girls“… slow and smooth. Nice to listen to on a Friday evening. Christina said “like honey and cigarettes”… great to think along with on those long slow runs :-)

Still is still moving to me
I swim like a fish in the sea
All the time
But if that’s what it takes to be free
I don’t mind
Still is still moving to me
Still is still moving to me

And it’s hard to explain how I feel
It won’t go in words
But I know that it’s real
I can be moving or I can be still
But still is still moving to me
Still is still moving to me


~ by John Rankin on Jan 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “New Music has me singing”

  1. John, Good Luck in Houston… I’m rooting for you. I finally got to run again today after 6 weeks recovery from my stress fracture.

    I am hoping you don’t have problems getting out of Seattle with this big “snow storm” heading our way!

  2. Good luck on your marathon!

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