So many Space Program metaphors to choose from

Since I am off to Houston next Friday to run in (US) marathon number 7, I could try and work in all kinds of corny sayings. You know… “The countdown has begun…”or “T Minus 9 days and counting…” but I suppose I should avoid kitch like that and stay focused on the last week of training (or I might end up saying “Hoston. We have a problem”). In anticipation of the main event, I have been breaking in my new pair of Asics shoes. I had forgotten how comfortable and cushioned new running shoes are.

The long run weeks are over and now it’s that happy “taper” phase. It’s been cold and wet here in the Northwest but I must be just lucky – every time I go out it is dry. Cold enough to freeze my Scottish butt off… still dry though :-) I never have minded running in the cold – love it ! Just hate getting soaked… I have been running with the group from (Eric’s) store lately and it’s always great to run in a crowd. The miles seem to pass more quickly. Tuesday was quicker for sure. We had a couple of kids dropped off by their moms to join in the runs, soooooooo… all of us oldsters ended up being dragged around the Kent/Green River trail at warp speed by those little guys. Ahhhhh, I remember that raw enthusiasm and boy was I tired :-)

I discovered on the race website that they will be operating a team of “pacers” at Houston. I used them at Portland back in 2004 and found it really helpful. I am pretty sure I will tag along with the 3:30 person but, depending on how good I feel after the last, low-mile week, might push along with the 3:20 crowd. I have one more week to decide. Success at either pace would get me back to Boston again and that would be so cool.

By the way, Bette. Thanks for reminding me to get back on here this week and post – I really mean it. I was kinda slacking, wasn’t I ?


~ by John Rankin on Jan 5, 2007.

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