Rahim started me thinking and…

… the running group convinced me (sort of). Convinced me of what ? To see if I can achieve Marathon Maniac status.

Looking to spread out my races across 2007, I had originally thought to travel to New Jersey at the end of April to run at Long Branch. Still, how could I get more races checked off my 50 states – perhaps by combining some on a single airline ticket/trip. A search of Marathonguide.com showed a Saturday race in Newark, DE which would let me drive over to Long Branch for the Sunday race…

I mentioned my tentative goal at last night’s (Balanced Athlete)  group run and everyone said “Yeah… you can do that. Sure… go for it, John” – and even had one of the girls explain her personal experience in acheiving that. She warned me that one of the keys to success would be to avoid burning out on race 1 (Saturday) – run a 4:30:00 so that allows for a faster recovery into day 2 for a possible 4:15:00/4:20:00. Eric’s an ultra-runner… I’ll get training input from him, so watch this space.


~ by John Rankin on Dec 13, 2006.

5 Responses to “Rahim started me thinking and…”

  1. Go for it John! You can do it! Sounds like fun. Good luck.

  2. Haha! I got you thinking about it? I think you’ve thought about it all along! I barely nudged you that way.

    Go for it John! See if you can hire a massage therapist right after the first one. I had 1 massage session after my first. I think it helped.

  3. […] I keep reading blogs from John Rankin, RegiVizz, trifrog, noelryan, grinnbearit, and Rahim Rahman, and I am going crazy being cooped up not able to run. I have to imagine the joy of running vicariously through you all, so keep running! […]

  4. Last night, I kinda looked through the marathons in Delaware and the Long Branch. Now, you got me thinking about it. Maybe I can join you on this quest… upgrade my non-official status of bronze to iridium!

    I don’t know if I have the time to train, though…. Hmmm….

  5. There is nothing like setting yourself a challenge – I can only dream at this stage, but I look forward to hearing how you get on.

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