4 miles in the snow

Farm TrackIt snowed last night. Not a lot by some peoples’ standards, but enough to bring the Puget Sound area to a virtual standstill. I decided to stay off the roads today and avoided running while all the cars spun into ditches…

After dark I got antsy though. I wanted to run so got some extra layers on and decided to run around and around thr farm road. It’s 0.36 miles (checked using the Garmin GPS), but I just figure on 3 laps per mile. It was so cold and so quiet running between all the Christmas trees. No clouds and the moon shining I could see my breath so clearly. In fact I could see everything nicely and no worries about traffic.

I was warmed up after the first slow tour around Pfaff’s Treefarm. Twelve laps and I was done for the night. I will probably do this some more.


~ by John Rankin on Nov 28, 2006.

One Response to “4 miles in the snow”

  1. You’re a brave man, sir. It snowed a few inches in Denver but the temperature is at 0s for low and teens for high. I need to do 8 miles as part of my marathon training today but I don’t have the will power to run in the snow (I don’t mind the temperature, though). I don’t have the will power to run 8 miles on the treadmill but I’m gonna have to dig deep and find the strength.

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