Figuring the correct shoe size

Lately I had been concerned about the twinges I was getting in my left knee area and left thigh… IT Band ? It was always something that seemed to be exacerbated when the shoes were getting worn and old. Even recent purchases of 2 new pairs of Brooks Adrenaline GTS-5 had only a small positive effect.

Well, there I was having lunch in downtown Kent last Friday when I noticed a new (?) running store – complete with treadmill and video analysis equipment. Cool… that’s what I had been meaning to trek up to Seattle for, and here was a local with the same equipment.

After a couple of barefoot runs on the treadmill, Eric was able to show me the stride and foot strike for each foot. After measuring, he brought out a pair of Mizuno and a pair of Asics. They seemed the right shape for the sole support we had determined neccessary, but the surprise was the shoe size. I had always gone for a 91/2 2E (wide) but here were 11 B (medium). Eric explained that the overly simple choice had me running in shoes where the natural flex point was not lined up with where the foot bends on toe-off.

I tried them on… very comfortable and the felt light. I ran on the treadmill (each pair) and we made some more video. Huge improvement in stride and foot alignment – especially the left foot. So I bought the Asics shoes.

I’ve run in them twice now – 10 miles and 7 miles… and they are a major improvement. Major… I just learned a big lesson in shoe fitting.


~ by John Rankin on Nov 7, 2006.

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