Going to Louisville

Late (11:32 pm) at SeaTac airport and I’m waiting for the plane to travel to Louisiville. It’s been a long week with a couple of commutes to Everett so thankfully the last week before a marathon is an easy one. I have done justr the few short runs to stay conditioned.

The last run was 3 miles at the Longacres building fitness center today. How many times… how many hours have I seen my dopey face in one of those big mirror walls as I run on the a treadmill at the center ? Hmmmm…. I’m tired and the muzak seems loud here.

As I read the reviews on Marathonguide.com, the course on Sunday is mostly a flat one. Just a simple out-n-back. If the weather is right. If all goes well, I’d like to break the 3:30 barrier again and have the option of a second Boston trip.

The airport is great for people watching. The guy across from me looks just like Mr Myagi from “The Karate Kid”… I swear ! Behind him is a giuy with the biggest cowboy hat I ever saw (literary license). I just realized something… all of the women seem quite normal and unremarkable. My hypothesis is proved as far as I’m concerned, by the fact that a man who is THE spitting image of “Huggy Bear” is only 2 seats down from me… I wonder if there will be any runners dressed up in funny costumes for the race on Sunday. if there are, I bet you a dollar they are guys.


~ by John Rankin on Oct 19, 2006.

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