Long Run Sunday

Was a patchy schedule this week on the Soos Creek Trail and on the East Hill roads… my days/miles schedule ended up a bit jumbled thanks to a lot of house closing/escrow/lawyer paperwork… Finally though I got a good  run in on Sunday – 21 miles in the quiet early morning.

It was a mixture of roads and the trail, overcast with a nice cool breeze, but quite a few hills – some steep/long. The goal was to run 20 or 21 miles close to an 8 min/mile pace. I was particularly interested to see how that would go considering the effort expended in last week’s half marathon (as well as this weeks’s erratic running calendar).

I finished the 21 miles in just over 2 hr 51 mins and that works out to an 8:09/min pace. Apart from the continuing niggling “black toe” on one of my little toes on the left foot, everything felt good.

less than 3 weeks to go until the Louisville marathon. According to the race website and some previous runners’ feedback, it is a pretty flat course. Race day adrenalin, staying uninjured and the last few weeks training (with a taper) I hope will translate to shaving off that 9 secs/mile and putting me within reach of another 3:30:00 finish and another shot at Boston in 2007. 


~ by John Rankin on Oct 2, 2006.

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