5K Pasta Dash Last Saturday

Pasta Dash FinishBeen relaxing in New York with my mom, sister and her family so it was a light week until I got back on the 12th. I wanted to go down to Olympia and run in the Pasta Dash – nice run, fun town, music/food afterwards.

After all the marathon training I have been doing this year, I surprised myself with a sustained 7min/mile pace. I came in at 21:47 on the clock and was also surprised at how good I still felt. However, Sunday was a scheduled long run in the buildup to Louisville… and it was a hard run :-( However, the main hassle was again succumbing to some bad stomach cramps at mile 15. The last 5 miles were run in alternating agony, discomfort and embarrasing noises from behind…

Culprit ? Probably the salad I indulged in at the Saturday night pasta meal. I gotta remember that salad and long runs don’t mix well for me.

For the full Pasta Dash race results go to this link at ontherunevents.com


~ by John Rankin on Sep 18, 2006.

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