Treadmills R Us

OK, the nights are drawing in sooner… the weather is getting crappier… I am having to commute into Renton more and more (that’s my fault for taking on a new position at work). This has thrown my usual running routine into a tiny bit of chaos.

Last week I bit the bullet and signed up once again to use the company’s fitness centers – they have them all over – so I can stay somewhat on track (can I use that phrase for indoors, LOL ?)  for the Louisville Marathon in October.

Well with more indoor running that will mean hitting the treadmill. Lots of miles with me staring back from a giant mirror, but hey I am a good lookin’ guy. What do you mean “yeah right” ?

I did 9 miles today. 3 to warm up at an easy pace followed by 3 at about 7:15 pace, eased up to an 8:00 pace for mile 7 and jogged “home” at 9:00s for the last 2 miles. Felt good afterwards – quite fresh actually. I resisted the temptation to add another mile or two on to the session… more is not neccessarily better.

Looking forward to a 5K in Olympia on Saturday and then a nice 20-miler on Sunday (in the rain ????)


~ by John Rankin on Sep 13, 2006.

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