About running and doctor’s orders

Just when I was getting into the high milage weeks there was a slight setback (isn’t there always ?). Last Friday I went to the dentist to have a crown put on a broken upper tooth. Turned out to to be more ctacked n damaged than we had originally thought. So there we were – all numbed up and no place to go. The short version is that it was extracted – Ouch.

The 8 miles I had been looking forward to that evening were waved away as I walked to the truck afterwards. Besides, she had said “don’t run. Especially don’t run if it is likely to elevate your blood pressure and heart rate”. Well, that’s the whole point… besides, the way my face felt ? Easy advice to follow.

The weekend was shot. All through to Sunday evening I was reminded of the old joke. “does your face hurt ? No ? Well it’s killing me…” Ha Ha. I felt like an entire marathon field had run over my gums.

Monday evening it was warm but with a nice breeze so off to the trail. Entering mile 2 the left side of my face was throbbing and I had a dull ache developing. It was slow going and I was struggling to maintain 8 min/mile. Suddenly at about 2 miles a nice cool breeze hit my face and against expectations it seemed to become easier in the hilly section.

I turned to run back at the 3.5 mile mark and found my second wind. There was a family out cycling and I kept catching them at each road crossing and it turned out to be great motivation hearing them behind me. The second leg was done in 27 mins (about 7:40/mile) – tooth (or at least where it used to be) still throbbing like heck but it had been a satisfying run after all.


~ by John Rankin on Sep 5, 2006.

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