Pick up the pace

I think I have been taking the “Long Steady/SlowDistance” (LSD) runs too slow lately… Partly to make sure I fully recover the ITB/Hamstring ache I picked up at the beginning of the year. Partly because it is a good approach to burning fat. Partly because…. well it is easier isn’t it ?

The latest issue of Runners World tackled the issue of how much is too much in the LSD department. They went around the topic of how much of your weekly training should be at or above marathon pace. My marathon pace should be around 8 min/mile so the trail should be run in about 36 minutes.

Yesterday I hit the trail after a couple of days rest and pushed a bit harder than recent runs. The 4.5 outward leg took 33:19 and the return leg was 33:22. I was shooting for consistency of pace (even though the last half mile of the return leg is a killer hill back to the parking lot), so I was pleasantly surprised at my ability to maintain an even pace and balanced times.

I’ll pull back a little bit for the next couple of days then see how the longer run at the weekend goes…


~ by John Rankin on Aug 25, 2006.

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