What a great run

Last night I took another trip up and down the Soos Creek Trail. I had missed a couple of recent runs while I was whalwatching in the San Juans so now it was time to blow the vacation cobwebs out…

I parked at the south end of the trail and ran constantly to the north end – and beyond, to see if the new section was open yet (it wasn’t). It was a great outward leg and I stayed in-zone for all but 30 seconds.

A quick muscle stretch and drink from the Ultima bottle and I was off on the return leg. Now I had a slight cooling breeze in my face and I was warmed up nicely so I upped the pace and once again ran the 4.5 return leg without interruption. It felt good and even though I was hitting the hilly sections at the end, I was staying in-zone all the way (apart from when the HRM went weird as I passed under the power lines).

It was one of the best 9 miles I have done in a long time. Very satisfying. The kind of run that makes you wish it was already the next day and time for the next run :-)


~ by John Rankin on Aug 17, 2006.

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