Roads and Trails

Sunday was supposed to be a 12 mile run but as I am off to the San Juans with my daughter (early ferry…) I set the alarm for dawn on Saturday. Nice start in the cool of the morning before the sun got up… Well that was the plan. I think I remember the radio and I certainly never heard the”backup beeper” alarm.

First time back running on the roads since weeks ago. 4 miles up to the 256th entrance to the Soos Creek Trail. It was already hot and sunny by 10:00 so the trail was a nice shady relief. Out to the 3.5 mile mark, quick moment to cool down and wipe the sweat away, and back we went.

Not so many runners on the trail today – lots of cyclists. Most of them are cool and call out bfore they pass from behind. Some are not so considerate and just blast past too close. Another funny thing I noticed on the trail (as opposed to running on streets)… everyone waves/acknowledges/says “hi”… nods their head even when they are “dying” there. It’s a friendly place where we are all enjoying being crazy staying fit and enjoying the scenery… It’s a happy time and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I do it.


~ by John Rankin on Aug 12, 2006.

One Response to “Roads and Trails”

  1. Wow John! As your Blog title reads, you really do run… and run… and run!

    I’m impressed with your travel and competition entries!

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