A new peak to climb

OK, I have been running the usual buildup to a marathon at the end of October – but which one ? Until yesterday even I didn’t know. Well, the choice was made – Louisville, Kentucky on Oct 22nd. That will be #6 in my 50 state “quest”.

Way back in March I had noticed a constant nagging ache in the left hamstring/ITB… I cut back and ran easier all through spring and summer. However, lately I have been running almost exclusively on the Soos Creek Trail. It’s nice and flat without that steep camber I typically had to put up with running on the street shoulders. Since then I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the leg pain (which is to say it’s going away, of course).

John is very happy and looking forward to the coming weeks as I build up to some long mileage weeks. I recently bought a bike and that has helped too – bringing some more variety to my exercise regimen. I enjoy doing core and upper body conditioning at the gym but hate doing those leg machines. Bike riding is much more fun – even when you get wet.


~ by John Rankin on Aug 8, 2006.

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