Edinburgh Marathon 2006

Just a bit jet-lagged from my trip on Thurdsay/Friday, I took the train through to Edinburgh on Saturday. Checked into the Halls of Residence at Edinburgh University and relaxed after picking up my bib, chip and other goodies. For the past couple of days everyone (including the news here) had been going on about how hot it was forecast to be on race day…

Woke nice and early to – surprise, surprise – some light rain. If this kept up I was going to be a happy runner. Was not looking forward to a late-ish (9am) start and getting boiled alive as I ran so this was a great development. Guess what… it cleared and by the start it felt decidely warm on our backs.

This definietely was not an event for anyone hoping to run a PR. It was warm at the start, hot by mile 15 and baking by mile 20. The first 1o miles was also extremely crowded and so, just like Boston, we had to accept a slower pace which probably saved quite a few of us in the long run (excuse the pun).The route was however so scenic and the other runners were a lot of fun.

We passed the castle, ran around Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park… Took in the ocean view as we ran East along the waterfront to Portobello beach I even enjoyed the small cobbled streets at Leith. If anything I ended up more dehydrated that I had thought I was likely to get. That slowed me in the last 4 or 5 miles and along with the slow pace of the pack in the beginning, left me coming in just a little under the 4 hour mark.

I cruised down the final quarter mile to the finish line back in Holyrood Park – a fantastic crowd cheered us all on. It was a great ending. My mum and aunt had traveled through from Glasgow to see the finish and they enjoyed seeing the spectacle and carnival atmosphere.

Well, that’s my “European continent” marathon :-) Now for a rest – at least a week – before thinking about my next “target” in the quest for 50 states.


~ by John Rankin on Jun 12, 2006.

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