Took a pass on the 20 mile long run

Carrying over my miles from the recent Albuquerque marathon and dropping straight into the middle of the Edinburgh buildup, left me "ahead" of my target for this week. I don't get too hung up on doing the exact number in the total 16 weeks, so I decided to take the opportunity to skip a long run on Sunday. Besides, it's another weekend with my daughter and there was a science project to complete and pizza to eat :-)

The other reason I feel OK about dropping this week's long run is how strong I have been running in general lately. All of the 3, 4, 6 and 9 mile runs in the last week or so have turned out to be faster, easier, lower heart-rate and with quicker recovery times. I am now beginning to see gains being built on the "foundation" established by the Albuquerque training weeks.

Edinburgh is advertising itself as a flatter, faster course than previous years. That and the inevitably cooler weather may help me record a very good time. I wonder if I can break 3:30:00 again ?


~ by John Rankin on May 7, 2006.

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