Preparing for Edinburgh

After I finished in Albuquerque I was a bit annoyed at not having the 6th race in the books. I took the advice of one of the other runners (Matt, the race director from Durango, CO) to just think of it as another long training run… So I did.

It ended up fitting quite well with "week 9" on the buildup to the Edinburgh Marathon in June. I have now finished week 10 and yesterday was an 18 mile long run. It was harder than usual – probably still tired after NM and it was unexpectedly warm and sunny which didn't help. This week's long run on Sunday is scheduled to be 20 miles, but I think I may cut it back dramatically or pass on it to get that rest I would normally have taken after a race… Besides, my daughter will be with me this weekend so I don't want to waste the hours running when she is here at the farm.

My milage for the year to date is 515… I wonder if I will break 1500 again this year ?


~ by John Rankin on May 1, 2006.

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