22 mile long run

Alarm ClockAfter the clock springing forward, robbing my body of that extra precious hour of sleep, I got up Sunday to one of the last long runs of this training/buildup cycle. It was chilly but clear and bright… and the roads were nice and quiet. The first time in ages I headed out on a weekend early morning run in shorts – it’s true, summer is coming :-)

The road “grid” around here makes it so easy to figure out your distances – every 16 street numbers equals 1 mile so…

  • 2 miles north on 124th Ave from the farm to 256th St. Turn east and 4+ miles to 288th (Hwy 18 bridge). Short rest and stretch. Backtrack west along 256th 2.5 miles to the Soos Creek Trail. North to the trailhead and back – 7+ mile round-trip. Back on 256th heading west for 1.5 miles to 124th Ave. South on 124th for 2 miles back to the farm gate. Time was 2:35:17
  • I had a short stretch and drinks then a cool down jog south to 304th St. A nice little 1.5 mile out n back.

Used about 40oz of Ultima from my hydration backpack. had 1 Gu pack just before the run and had a quick Gu/drink break every 45 mins. The downside was I broke my sunglasses. Bummer. Now I have to find a new (cheap) pair.


~ by John Rankin on Apr 3, 2006.

3 Responses to “22 mile long run”

  1. hi uncle john – good luck on your next race – you seem to be on top form I am still in training and doing great – your running tips have improved my performance
    see you in June – michael

  2. Hey John,

    Been keeping up with your running. Started the gym myself last week….I guess theres hope for me too…hahahaha.

    Chris will be the big 21 tomorrow!!! Can you believe that?

    Keep up the great work.


  3. Shame about the sunglasses, you need to get yourself one of those necklacy thingys!! One with elephants all over it! :)

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