Last run in March

Yesterday, I ran the Soos Creek trail again. It was on Thursday when I first ran it that I realized I had passed one of the many entrances before – on some of my Sunday long runs. It is a nice run – friendly joggers, cyclists and dog-walkers.

The run was just 5 miles. The outward leg was at a steady pace (about 8:30/mile) to get me nice n warmed up. I used the first half to see how the legs felt, how the blister was healing on the little toe, get really loose. Turn around at the 2.5 mile marker and step up the pace. The return run was at a 7:45/mile pace and still within my target heart rate zone.

With 3 weeks to go until the next race, I’m feeling well prepared. Knock on wood – I will run carefully, avoid injuries and eat well to stay ready for April 22. The only thing I can’t simulate is the fact I’ll be running at altitude. But now… I’m just looking forward to the race however it turns out.


~ by John Rankin on Apr 1, 2006.

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