Running the Soos Creek Trail

Been getting a bit bored with the north/south/east/west grid I’ve been running out here in Auburn. The shoulders on the roads are wide and smooth, but it was getting kinda boring. I asked some friends at work if they knew of any good trails in the area and they told me about one on the East Hill.

This evening I drove over to the Soos Creek trail – only about 3 or 4 miles away. The trail is quiet and very peaceful, is paved and winds along marshlands and down a little valley. It’s marked every half mile and the round trip is 9 miles. People walking dogs, other joggers and runners and a couple of cyclists – that’s all the human activity I saw. Lots of birds n rabbits though, and one Red Tailed Kite… screeched as it passed over head and made me jump :-)

I ran the outbound 3.5 miles at a steady, sub-marathon pace and made sure I was staying in the heart rate zone. Sadly I forgot to start the timer on the watch but didn’t much care. I took a few mins at the turn-around to stretch the leg muscles and cool down, then started back to the truck. The return 3.5 took 27:57 and was right on pace (8 min/mile) and right in the middle of my target heart rate zone.

The best part about the trail is that it’s off-road and quiet. It will be a good place to run and also to go for walks with my daughter when she visits. She and I have been talking about buying a couple of bikes – even scoped out some at Walmart – it would be the perfect place for that too.


~ by John Rankin on Mar 30, 2006.

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