Took a day off – sorta

Last year I prepped for Boston by running the Mercer Island Half Marathon. Great race, great organization, great support as we ran and I had been looking forward to it again, but I passed on it yesterday. I still went out for an early morning run "around the block" (8 miles) and pushed the pace up a couple of notches.

The twinges in my left leg are all but gone. My blister was a bit sore afterwards but still under control and on the mend. I was very happy to find myself finishing strongly on the big uphill on 124th here at the end – was shooting for and acheived a significant negative split time with no real fatigue. All in all it was a great training/buildup run.

The main reason for the "day off" was really so I could hang out with Aubrey, my daughter. She was over at the farm this weekend and it was much more fun just hanging out than purely running. Watching DVDs, feeding the (dumb) cows and the  (smart) horse, smoothies at the Supermall and a trip to Point Defiance Zoo were relaxing. There's something to this idea of taking care of the "mental side" – doing relaxing things in the buildup to the race…

So, Mercer Island… sorry I was not there. I missed you more than you missed me, I'm sure. However, with my satisfying 8 fast miles and non-run-fun times I think I actually  took a step up in my preparations.


~ by John Rankin on Mar 27, 2006.

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