A stupid little blister won’t stop me

The blister on my little toe on my right foot was big when I returned home on Wednesday. I mean it was big… I had felt something niggling in the shoe not when I was running the sprint sections of the Yasso sets but on the jog sections. It didn’t really catch my attention until later when I was walking in my bare feet. So…. I popped it and it felt better :-)

The new shoes do make a difference. I tried running a short (4 miles) easy run on Tuesday with the old GTS-5s and the left leg started to get a twinge in the outside of my calf muscle. So now I’m convinced that they are done – for running anyway. It’s a pity that they seem to be only lasting about 280 miles per pair as they are so good to run in… I just don’t think I could afford to indulge them.

Another trip to my fav running store in Tacoma today… emergency resupply of Ultima and Gu packs. I am now sworn off Gatorade/Powerade for hydration since the (apparent) discovery that they don’t agree with me on long runs. I had tried Crank-Sports energy gel last week on my 20-miler. It seemed to work well (even if tasted a bit sweet and intense) but… There’s always a “but”… the foil packs are heavier duty and on one I ended up scratching the side of my mouth (oweee). I’ll stick with Gu (pardon the pun).

Four weeks from today I’ll be running in Albuquerque (checks the PC clock)… I should be finished by this hour. I wonder how the altitude will affect me. I have read various posts from runners at races in Colorado, Utah, Montana, etc and while some flatlanders report being defeated by it, others recovered their pace with 10 miles. Check out the Fiesta de Albuquerque Marathon here.

~ by John Rankin on Mar 24, 2006.

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